ABS Laboratories Ltd is a contract research organisation specialising in the analysis of biological samples for drugs, metabolites and endogenous compounds, (biomarkers) formed in 1996 from the Nicotine Laboratory. The Nicotine Laboratory was founded in January 1973 and was renowned for performing measurements of nicotine and cotinine to support smoking research and nicotine replacement therapies.

Work produced by the laboratory has resulted in the publication of over 500 scientific papers in peer reviewed journals as well as reports in numerous scientific TV programs, books etc.

Our aim is to provide a high quality, regulatory compliant analytical and bioanalytical service to the drug development industry, health monitoring authorities and other similar organisations.

We routinely apply existing analytical methods or develop bespoke bioanalytical methods in partnership with our sponsors to satisfy their business requirements.

GLP accredited laboratory from 1997 to date. We undertake bioanalytical measurements and pharmacokinetic interpretation of numerous types of biological samples from preclinical toxicological and pharmacology safety studies and clinical studies for the pharmaceutical industry in support of regulatory submissions.
The recent installation of NuGenesis Technologies archiving and electronic records management software has facilitated 21CFR Part 11compliance in many aspects of our routine work. The system has been fully validated where applied and has helped to significantly reduce and in some cases eliminate the paper records associated with general laboratory procedures with the utilisation of electronic signatures.

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